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The Automotive Material Intelligence Consortium

AutoMatICThe Automotive Material Intelligence Consortium ('AutoMatIC') is a new industry collaboration focused on developing best practice for materials information and its use in the Automotive and Off-Highway Vehicle sectors.

Materials information is critical for the Automotive sector because so many engineers need access to the right materials data, in the right format. They need it for applications including simulation, materials selection, design, quality assurance, substitution projects, environmental assessments, and more. Automotive organizations also need to keep up with a rapidly-evolving materials landscape, understanding and applying innovations in areas such as higher-strength steels and composite materials. Good materials data and effective materials decisions are essential in optimizing product designs for the supply chain and the needs of global manufacturing organizations, and for initiatives in 'lightweighting' and emissions reduction.

A strong base of technology already exists to manage materials information, deploy it for use, and turn it into material intelligence that can have real business impact.

More on Granta's current Materials Information Technology for Automotive 

There are many exciting possibilities for further enhancing this technology. Competitive advantage will accrue to Automotive sector organizations that can adopt and apply these tools with maximum speed and effect.

The Automotive Material Intelligence Consortium ('AutoMatIC') follows a successful model established by previous Granta consortium projects. It facilitates the optimization of Materials Information Technology for the Automotive sector and its application, and supports member organizations in maximizing the advantages gained from this technology. These advantages include increases in productivity, lower costs, improved product performance, enhanced compliance with regulation, and more leverage for investments in simulation and PLM.

Further information

The full version of the Consortium Proposal document includes confidential information on the work program of the Consortium. It is available only to organizations considering membership of the AutoMatIC project and is issued under a non-disclosure agreement. Complete the form below for more information.

How can I find out more?

Consortium membership is open to OEM or Supplier organizations interested in implementing Materials Information Technology in the Automotive and Off-Highway Vehicle sectors. For more information, complete the form below.

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