CES EduPack 2018 supports materials teaching
throughout the curriculum

Key new features in 2018

Material Science and Engineering Package

Material Science and Engineering Package

Engaging and clear introduction of Process / Structure / Property relationships.

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Performance Index Finder

Performance Index Finder

Get sensible results, in advanced design projects with the Performance Index Finder: the guidance tool used for materials selection in industry.

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Get up to speed fast

Get up to speed fast

Students get up-to-speed fast, with updated home pages and online help, including better search capabilities.

Duplicate and adapt a record

Duplicate and adapt a record

Investigate and design materials - explore variations on an existing material by copying an existing record and modifying its properties.

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Other new features include:

  • Support realistic scenarios with new combined properties, such as specific stiffness and elastic stored modulus
  • Understand more about the social factors affecting technology acceptance with updated Nations of the World data
  • Engage and inspire students on design projects with an updated Products, Materials, and Processes database

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Developments in the next year

Have a look at the Database Development webpages to find out what we are working on for next year and try out prototypes 

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