CES EduPack Tools and Resources

CES EduPack provides a range of tools and resources that can be combined to meet your needs, for any subject in which materials is a relevant topic, and at any level of teaching from pre-university to post-graduate.

Find out which combination of data, tools, and resources is best for your subject 

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Some example tools and resources:

  • Browsing varied materials databases

  • Charting: visualize material properties

  • Materials and Processes database record: application information

  • Materials and Processes database: textbook-style science notes

  • Calculating energy & carbon footprint with the Eco Audit Tool

  • Available in several languages

  • Providing in-depth information for advanced teaching

Core CES EduPack tools
Core tools

Students can explore the world of materials using core capabilities to browse and search materials information, chart data, and complete materials selection projects.

Core tools—browse, search, chart, and select 

Teaching resources 

Student resources 

CES EduPack databases
Materials and Processes Database

A unique resource of property information on the complete world of engineering materials. And a database of fundamental properties for the elements of the Periodic Table.

The Materials & Processes Database 

The Elements Database 

Eco Audit Tool
Eco Audit

The Eco Audit Tool helps to teach key concepts in eco design and aids project work to analyze the environmental impact of products.

The Eco Audit Tool 

Synthesizer (hybrid materials, cost, and more)

The Synthesizer Tool includes the Part Cost Estimator (study cost) and the Hybrid Synthesizer (study composite materials), and allows advanced users to add their own models.

The Synthesizer Tool 

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