Supporting Varied Levels of Teaching

CES EduPack is designed for Materials Education from before University to post-graduate. It is important that we don't overwhelm students with too much information early on. Yet we need to provide sufficient depth for advanced teaching.

The Materials and Processes Database at the heart of CES EduPack has 3 levels, growing with the student as they proceed through their education. Once they graduate, or in advanced year projects, they might benefit from using CES Selector.

More details about the 3 levels of the Materials & Processes Database, including sample data 

Pre-University and vocational training

Level 1

CES EduPack Level 1 interactive teaching resources are appropriate for Community Colleges, Regional Colleges, and Colleges of Further Education.

CES EduPack for pre-University and vocational training 

Introductory University-level teaching

Levels 1 and 2

CES EduPack Levels 1 and 2 support introductory and intermediate materials courses across a wide range of University degree courses.

CES EduPack for introductory teaching 

Capstone / Senior Design projects

Level 3

CES EduPack Level 3 provides detailed property data and analysis tools to support final-year projects.

Supporting Capstone / Senior Design projects 

Advanced teaching and research


CES Selector, designed for research and industry, is built for ease and speed of use rather than for teaching. It is ideal to support masters-level studies and projects.

CES Selector for advanced teaching