Open Development

At Granta, we are open about what we have in development to improve CES EduPack, so that we can get maximum feedback from the community that use it. We go through a process of gathering ideas, scoping, prototypes, user testing, and finally release.

Collaborative model

You can find out what we are currently working on, download prototypes, and give feedback via the Database Development page on Granta's Education Hub:

Visit the Database Development page 

A history of development and collaboration

CES EduPack was originally developed as part of the first computer-aided teaching project at the Engineering Department of the University of Cambridge. Professors Mike Ashby and Dave Cebon found that many colleagues, first within the department and then even at other Universities were asking for a copy of the software, and that is how Granta Design was founded.

Now CES EduPack is used all over the world and across many different subject areas. As the different Editions for different subjects and language versions have developed, we have relied on academics who are passionate about using CES EduPack in their teaching to give us guidance and feedback to make sure that CES EduPack can suit ever more teaching situations.

How we collaborate

We seek advice and feedback in different ways. There is a submit feature request button, in the top middle of the screen in CES EduPack. We ask people's opinions when we speak with people. We occasionally send out surveys. We love meeting people that use CES EduPack at conferences we attend, and at the Materials Education Symposia, so that we can ask for feedback. We invite one or two educators a year to join us for a week in Cambridge to work in our offices and collaborate on ideas for improvement of CES EduPack or on new teaching resources. We have had people join us for the length of their sabbatical and we occasionally set up special longer term collaborations on strategic developments.

We also encourage the thousands of members of Granta's Education Hub to share their resources. About 15% of the resources on the site have been contributed from educators outside of Granta.

Collaborate with us

If you're interested to work with us, get in touch! We'll set up an online meeting to see how we can work together.

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