Supporting Advanced Teaching with CES Selector

CES Selector provides materials data and charting tools that support advanced teaching and associated project work—for example, final year university 'Capstone' design projects, or projects at masters level.

Comparing materials for a panel in bending

Comparing material performance for a specific application—a typical project topic

Examples of what you can do with CES Selector:

  • Set student projects that use comprehensive and detailed materials data to solve industrially-relevant material selection or substitution problems.
  • Use modeling tools to explore hybrid materials and structures and their unique combinations of properties.
  • Compare performance across the full range of engineering materials.
  • Graphically communicate findings for lectures, conference presentations, grant proposals, and publication.
  • Students at Doctoral Training Centers doing small research projects can also add their own data.

For teaching materials up to and including final year University projects, we recommend CES EduPack. CES Selector provides additional tools to make materials selection faster and easier, and a wider and deeper range of materials data suitable for more advanced teaching. You can read more on support for different levels of teaching here.

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What's the difference between CES Selector and CES EduPack?