Industrial Data

To support your research and advanced teaching, CES Selector comes with your choice of advanced materials property data, as used in industry. This data is compiled by Granta Design or distributed under license from leading materials data organizations.

Follow the links below for more information on the industry section of Granta' s website.

Metals and Alloys

ASME BPV Code—Materials data for power and process applications.

MMPDS—The authoritative source of alloy data for aerospace design (previously Mil-Hdbk-5).

StalhDat SX—Properties for the complete register of European steels.

ESDU—European design-strength data on aerospace metals.


CAMPUS and M-Base Plastics—CAMPUS provides 6,000+ plastics grades measured to the same ISO Standard. M-Base adds an additional 30,000 records covering commodity plastics and biopolymers, all measured to either ISO or ASTM standards, plus application information.

Prospector Plastics (previously known as 'IDES Plastics')—Nearly 80,000 plastics datasheets from 870 suppliers.


CMH-17—Test data for composites (formerly Mil-Handbook-17).

Firehole Composites—Data for continuous fiber reinforced polymer composites.


Medical MaterialUniverse—MaterialUniverse plus medical and food grade data.

Additive Manufacturing

Senvol Database™—Details of over 550 AM machines and over 700 compatible materials


JAHM Curve Data—An extensive library of temperature-dependent material property data


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