CES EduPack Alumni

You may have been using CES EduPack at University or College and are nearing graduation. Or you might be a graduate who used CES EduPack to learn about materials during your degree. In either case, here is some information that may be helpful as you make the transition to industry or research.

Become a Certified CES user

CES Selector is the companion product of CES EduPack used in Industrial R&D and Product Development, and in Academic Research. It enables users to find, visualize, and apply materials data in order to make smart decisions on, for example, materials selection or substitution. If you have used core capabilities of CES EduPack, such as material charting, you will find CES Selector very familiar.

In early 2016, we launched the CES Selector Certificate Program. If you have CES EduPack experience, you can pass the on-line test to qualify as CES Selector Certified. You can then put this certification on your resume / CV for potential employers.



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Are you on LinkedIn? Join the CES EduPack Alumni Group to interact with others selecting materials in industry, to network and get access to employment opportunities, and to find out about Granta Design's software for industry (e.g.,CES Selector).



Supporting your career in industry or research

CES EduPack is created by Cambridge University spin-out company Granta Design for use in Materials Education. Granta software is widely used in Industry and Research, at organizations like Airbus, Boeing, Fraunhofer Institutes, Jaguar Land Rover, General Motors, Honeywell, NASA, Rolls-Royce, and many US National Labs. CES Selector helps them to select the right materials. GRANTA MI is the leading system for managing materials information in engineering enterprises.

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