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Supporting the Global Materials Education Community

To support students and educators using CES EduPack, more than 350 Materials Education teaching and learning resources are available on Granta's Education Hub.

The resources cover materials teaching in engineering, design, science, and sustainability, and are primarily aimed at undergraduate teaching. They have been created by Professor Mike Ashby, Granta's Teaching Resources Team, and contributed by faculty from more than 1000 universities and colleges that use CES EduPack worldwide. They are designed not to prescribe a particular teaching approach, but to provide ideas, graphics, exercises, and projects.



Educators using CES EduPack can get Full Access to all of the resources, including solution manuals, advanced industrial case studies, videos, and papers, designed to inspire educators looking for next year's project. Online Q&A sessions and case study presentations are also available.


CES EduPack Full Access


All students can access Open Educational Resources, including glossaries of materials properties and charts. Students accessing Learn Online via CES EduPack can additionally
access a range of Teach Yourself booklets and learning tools.


OER Access

Wall charts

When Cambridge University opened their new £48m home for the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, those exploring the new facilities were drawn to murals depicting the evolution of materials through human history. These were provided by Granta and based on material property charts generated using CES EduPack. These provide a highly visual depiction of how innovation has led to not just more materials, but materials which cover an increasing range of crucial engineering properties.

Similar poster-sized wall charts are available to purchase from Granta. Educators using CES EduPack can download and print their own from Granta's Education Hub.