CES Selector tools and data

CES Selector provides an unrivalled combination of materials data and materials selection tools.

Core product features

MaterialUniverse A unique data set, compiled by Granta materials experts. Complete, comparable data for all classes of engineering material. Consider all material options and quickly identify candidates.
Search & Filtering tools Search and filter materials based on an unlimited number of properties. Quickly find candidate materials based on your critical design requirements.
Charting tools Plot, visualize, and explore materials performance against the full range of properties. Identify the best materials options. Annotate and customize plots to communicate your findings.
Comparison table Compare datasheets side-by-side and automatically highlight differences. Make the right choices and highlight any risks.
Reference records and favorites Identify your current material or the company’s preferred materials and highlight them on property charts; eases comparison and helps you to find alternative materials.
'Find Similar' tool With one click, rank all materials based on the similarity of their property profile to a reference material. Find drop-in replacements or equivalents fast, based on minimal information.
Selection 'wizard' Apply the systematic materials selection methodology developed by Professor Mike Ashby to identify optimal materials for a specific target application.
Performance Index Finder A graphical tool to help you quickly select your engineering application and plot the combination of properties that you need to minimize or maximize for optimal performance.
Engineering Solver Converts engineering requirements into material properties so that you can set the right constraints on your material selection: saves time in selection studies.
Selection report Collate the results and information from a material selection in one document: export to PDF or Word. Provides an audit trail and helps you communicate with stakeholders.

Optional Add-on Data and Tools

Specialist data sets A library of data from authoritative providers. 250,000+ datasheets on grades of metals, composites, plastics, and more. Links to MaterialUniverse create a 'materials encyclopedia'.
FE exporters Export materials data in the format required by CAE packages including Abaqus/CAE, ANSYS Workbench, and Nastran. Save time, avoid error, get the right data.
Synthesizer Tool

Predict the performance of hybrid materials and structures, and compare them with ‘standard’ materials. Comes complete with a set of  hybrid models and a part cost estimator. Includes the capability to create and apply your own models.

Hybrid Models: Estimate the performance of hybrid materials and structures (sandwich panels, composites, foams, ...) to quickly identify configurations with the highest potential.

Part Cost Estimator: Estimate the influence of material, process chain, and production volume on part cost, enabling you to understand likely cost implications before investing effort in a design.

Eco Audit Tool Quickly estimate the environmental impact of a design or product, enabling you to focus attention on the areas which can lead to the biggest improvements.
CES Constructor CES Constructor is the database development toolkit for CES Selector. Customize the data supplied with CES Selector and add and edit your own data.

Charting tools

Charting and annotation tools for comparing & communicating results

Comparison Table

Compare up to 20 datasheets side-by-side

Reference record & favorites

Favorites & reference materials highlighted in Browse tree and property chart

Find Similar Tool

Find Similar results for Z4CND13.4M

Performance Index Finder

Finding and plotting material index for a low cost stiff beam in bending

Engineering Solver

Determining strength & stiffness criteria for a hollow tie in tension

Selection Report

Excerpts from project report investigating a replacement for brass

FE Exporters

Exporting materials data ready for input into CAE packages

Systematic Selection Methodology

Schematic of the systematic selection methodology

Search & Filtering tools

Filtering material based on price, stiffness and elongation requirements

Synthesizer Tool

Investigating impact of different core materials on the performance of a sandwich panel