Open and flexible for your needs

You don't just need a materials information management system, you need a system that can manage your materials data, apply that data to your engineering challenges, and integrate into your engineering environment. GRANTA MI and its associated services are designed to be configurable to your needs.

That flexibility also applies to the scale of your implementation. GRANTA MI is designed to be a robust, enterprise materials information system for large enterprises. But it can also be implemented to serve the needs of a smaller enterprise, group, or department. In fact, many GRANTA MI implementations take a phased approach, building a solution for a specific group or application, learning lessons, and evolving to include more users and applications. This also enables you to get tangible benefits from your implementation as early as possible.

A typical GRANTA MI implementation

A typical GRANTA MI implementation proceeds in phases. In each phase, a working solution is defined and implemented—as lessons are learned, it can then be evolved into further phases. Granta Services can support this process, particularly in the early phases.

Fast, easy, effective implementation

Granta provides tools and services to make the process of implementing each phase of your materials information project as fast, easy, and effective as possible.

Software The 'off-the-shelf' GRANTA MI software is designed to be ready-to-implement, with no need to customize core components. You can quickly configure elements like user profiles, homepages, and data importers to your specific needs.
Templates A series of 'ready-to-go' templates provide you with the database structure and related tools, gathering best practice for implementing databases for specific applications.
Integration Integrate GRANTA MI directly into your CAD, CAE, or PLM software with the MI:Materials Gateway technology. Or use the MI:SDK to integrate with in-house codes.
Implementation Services The full portfolio of services to support definition, implementation, and evolution of your materials information management solution. The Granta Services Team works closely with you to ensure success, particularly in the early phases, and to transfer knowledge to your team so that you increasingly manage and evolve your own system. Includes focused service packages such as the Granta Composites Qualification Service.
Migrating legacy data Support to migrate data and tools (such as importers) from legacy systems, for example, your in-house databases or third-party software, such as Mvision.
Training Training for core project teams, administrators, and end-users—on-line, or in person.