GRANTA MI for the enterprise

GRANTA MI is the leading system for enterprise materials information management. Create a single 'gold source' for your company's proprietary materials data, information, and related experience. Integrate with the best available quality materials reference information.

Your business can:

  • Increase productivity: avoid hours wasted looking for materials information and unnecessary repeats of materials tests and analyses.
  • Protect valuable materials IP and maximize its use: achieve zero data loss, avoid wasted investments, ensure the right people see the right information.
  • Save costs and reduce time-to-market: multi-million dollar benefits for larger organziations.
  • Reduce risks: avoid errors that can lead to delays, quality issues, or legal liabilities.
  • Get more performance from products by ensuring that you use the best available materials data, information, and knowledge.

GRANTA MI is applied by many of the world's leading engineering organizations. Read case studies from General Motors, Molex, Rolls-Royce, Sulzer, Ethicon Surgical Care, Honeywell and more  

Manage vital materials knowledge

Materials data, information, and knowledge can cause longer design cycles, more risk, and sub-optimal products. Why? Because it's time-consuming (sometimes impossible) for engineers to find the right materials data. Materials testing and subsequent analysis is complex, difficult, and expensive and the results are often lost or not shared effectively, leading to repeated work and use of inaccurate information. Materials data has its own lifecycle: it constantly changes with inputs from new tests, suppliers, or the field. And materials knowledge is often locked away in hard drives, on paper, on fileshares, or even in the heads of particular experts.

GRANTA MI has the answer:

  • Implement the industry-standard system for managing the full materials data lifecycle, from test data through to design and beyond.
  • Use workflow tools ensure smooth capture, processing, and approval of data, information, and experience. Fully integrate the flow of materials information into your business processes.
  • Apply best practice, proven templates for managing complex materials data—get the right data structures for complex use cases such as Additive Manufacturing or Composites.
  • Access the most comprehensive available library of high-quality materials reference information, all in the same system.

The result: a single ‘gold source’ for corporate materials knowledge.

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Interacting with advanced property data

Searching a library of micrographs



Implement a robust, reliable enterprise system

You need a system that you can trust with something as important as your corporate materials IP. In-house software projects usually prove expensive to maintain and struggle to cope with IT changes, updates to engineering software, or new end-user requirements. That's why leading engineering organizations now look to proven commercial software systems for this critical task, minimizing the risk of project delays or system failures during deployment. They also want a best-in-class solution, with reliable performance and able to manage restrictions such as export control.

GRANTA MI is a proven solution:

The result: support for everything from a team project to an enterprise system.

A task list in MI:Workflow Manager, integrating
materials information into business workflows


Empower the design and development process

Materials information needs to work for your organization, particuarly in the design and development process. Without a joined-up approach between materials engineering, CAD and CAE, mistakes can be made, and time can be lost in understanding design intent or predicting product behavior. Without integration of materials information into PLM, companies cannot get a consistent understanding of what materials they use and where, making innovation difficult and damaging time-to-market.

GRANTA MI is integrated:

  • Get direct access to managed materials data from within top CAD, CAE, and PLM systems with the GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway app.
  • Ensure controlled assignment and mass roll-up in CAD.
  • Enable queries like “Where is this material used?” across your PLM infrastructure.
  • Guarantee that the right material models are used in CAE every time.
  • Configure exactly the system you need, with a flexible approach to in-house tool integration and custom app development.

The result: Product design and development based on material intelligence.

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Direct access to materials data from within
CAD through the MI:Materials Gateway app


Reduce risk and make better decisions

Every choice of material carries risk. Whether through supply chain disruption, obsolescence, legislative non-compliance, or poor environmental image, the wrong choice can cost millions. We need a better understanding of our materials, substances, coatings, and formulations and how they contribute to this risk. And we need to enable materials decisions optimized for the strategic needs of the business—for example, helping designers to contribute to cost control by avoiding proliferation of materials or suppliers.

GRANTA MI enables smarter decision-making:

  • Assess and mitigate restricted substance risk, based on a dedicated solution to manage your proprietary data plus unique, regularly updated reference data on substances and regulations.
  • Ensure the right information is summarized for the right audience—e.g., ‘preferred material indicators’ in CAD can significantly reduce costs by steering designers towards preferred grades.

The result: Better, greener, safer products.

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Reporting on product risks, including restricted
substance risk, for a product design.

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