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“With a proven solution, plus the track-record and services to support a fast deployment, Granta was able to meet our short-term needs, especially for the data required for modelling.”

Louis David,
PSA Peugeot Citroën

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AutoMatIC Consortium

AutoMatICThe Automotive Material Intelligence Consortium is focused on best practice for materials information in Automotive.



Material intelligence for a demanding industry

In the automotive industry, time-to-market is critical. Materials knowledge plays a crucial
role in vehicle design and development: from modeling to support for virtual prototyping,
to controlled supplier qualification processes and environmental compliance. We help you manage and integrate material knowledge across your entire engineering lifecycle: streamlining processes and getting vehicles or parts to market faster.

Create a single, standardized view of materials across your engineering lifecycle. From managing the supplier qualification process to ensuring consistent material callouts and weight roll-ups within CAD and PLM, Granta puts you in control of your materials knowledge.


A single “gold source” of approved, versioned data to support CAE. Enable better-informed simulation, shorten the simulation lifecycle, and avoid situations where prototypes do not behave as predicted by models.

GRANTA MI:Simulation Package  

Integrate materials, substance and legislation information in your material specification and product engineering process. Granta helps to eliminate the risk implications of materials involved in complex supply chains and selling into global markets.

GRANTA MI:Restricted Substances Package  

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