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"Being able to take out all of the cost and effort [in product engineering] was a great way to be able to show Return on Investment.."

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Enable the right materials strategy

You need to enable smart decisions about materials to determine product performance, weight, environmental compliance, and cost. Make these decisions based on the best available data and application knowledge. Ensure a consistent view of materials across the enterprise - for example, aligning engineering with procurement. Be proactive about material, substance, and environmental risk.

You use hundreds of different materials, supporting hundreds of different applications, perhaps across many businesses or sites. Regulation and global manufacturing pose further challenges. Granta helps you to consolidate and control all relevant materials information, and to use it to make better, more consistent materials decisions enterprise-wide.


Enabling materials strategy 

You need accurate, up-to-date materials property information as input to your CAD, CAE, FEA or other engineering software. Granta helps you to manage and control this vital information and to provide access from directly within these third-party applications including Abaqus/CAE, Pro/ENGINEER, and Autodesk Inventor.

Support for product engineering  

CES Selector is PC-based software that aids critical decisions on materials, processes, and eco design. You can use it to support rational selection, performing in-depth analyses to identify optimal materials and process choices. CES Selector provides specialist design tools, including for lightweight hybrid materials. And you can easily plot and compare the properties of metals, plastics, and composites.

CES Selector 

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