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"Granta enables a central engineering information database that not only contains typical material property information but also entire response histories..."

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Granta tools are widely used to support the activities of government labs and other research agencies. Access authoritative materials information for research or design. Publish materials data for regulatory or standards purposes. Manage your data from testing, design, or simulation and share it with your research partners. Analyze data to inform materials selection, substitution, or design.

Create a single materials information resource for your research group, department, or whole organization. Import data from testing, research projects, design, and trusted references. Tools help you to manage, analyze, and maintain this data, and to publish it in a secure and controlled manner. Retain knowledge and enable your engineers to analyze problems based on the widest possible set of pedigreed data.


GRANTA MI:Collaborate is a cost-effective, easily accessible package for managing and pooling materials and process data within multi-partner collaborative R&D projects. It can help you to get greater value from your project data and to demonstrate value retention for funding agencies.


CES Selector is PC-based software that aids critical decisions on materials, processes, and eco design. You can use it to support rational selection, performing in-depth analyses to identify optimal materials and process choices. CES Selector provides specialist design tools, including for lightweight hybrid materials. And you can easily plot, compare, and present the properties of metals, plastics, and composites.

CES Selector 

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